SKODA - OCTAVIA - 2/2021 - 21.283 km.

SKODA - OCTAVIA - 2021 #1SKODA - OCTAVIA - 2021 #2SKODA - OCTAVIA - 2021 #3SKODA - OCTAVIA - 2021 #4SKODA - OCTAVIA - 2021 #5SKODA - OCTAVIA - 2021 #6SKODA - OCTAVIA - 2021 #7SKODA - OCTAVIA - 2021 #8SKODA - OCTAVIA - 2021 #9SKODA - OCTAVIA - 2021 #10SKODA - OCTAVIA - 2021 #11SKODA - OCTAVIA - 2021 #12
17761 / 462
2 / 2021
Gas (6)
21.283 km

€ 5.000,-


  • Station Car
  • accident Car
  • 2


  • 1498 cc
  • 96 kW / 131 HP
  • VIN: TMBJH7NE3L004****


  • Airco
  • ESP
  • ABS
  • Navigation System
  • Central Locking System
  • ELW
  • Power Steering
  • Heated Seats
  • Parking Sensors
  • CD


Special editionsE0ANo special editionLockable wheel bolts1PFStandard wheel boltsAdapter (for trailer hitch)ND0Without adapterVehicle class differentiationpowertrains/platform parts7LMVehicle class differentiation -5E0-Tailpipes0P0Rear exhaust tailpipe (standard)Hill start assistUG1Hill start assistEmission standard4BFEmission standard EU6 DGTrailer hitch1D0Without trailer hitchAirbag4UPAirbag on driver and front passengerside, knee airbag on driver/front pass.side, with front pass. airbag deactivat.Activated carbon canister/gasolineparticulate filter1E1Activated carbon canisterStorage compartment packageQE5Storage compartment package 3Overhead storage compartment7N2spectacles holderAntennas8ZHAntenna for AM/FM reception, diversityExterior mirror adjustment6XEExterior mirrors, power-folding/adjustment, heatedFollow-on warrantyEA0Without subsequent warrantyLeft exterior mirror5SJLeft exterior mirror, convexElectronic engine sound measuresGM1Standard electronic engine soundRight exterior


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